About You

Do your thoughts and feelings seem to get in the way of living a meaningful life? Perhaps you’re not doing things that matter to you because anxiety, depression and negative thinking stop you?

We will look beyond the labels of depression and anxiety to explore your values to nurture and develop the WILLINGNESS to be the person you want to be…to DO what matters to you in life.

For Adults and Young People this may include:

  • improving your quality of life and gaining a greater sense of identity and self-worth
  • interacting with negative thoughts differently (just because we have a thought, doesn’t make it true)
  • learning mindfulness skills to be more present in the moment
  • fully experiencing your feelings rather than burying or struggling to control them
  • gaining acceptance of the people, the circumstance or events that are beyond your control
  • exploring your values to guide life’s choices
  • enjoying more enriching and successful relationships

For Young People in particular, all of the above applies but our work together takes into account the unique pressures of growing up in this crazy world today.

You may be feeling confused…frightened…angry…sad…anxious…lonely…lost. And you may be thinking you’re not good enough…everyone’s judging you…no one likes you…everyone is better than you…no one understand me…where do I fit in…what do I do with my life?

But we will explore ways to reduce the impact of these thoughts and feelings so that you can enjoy life more!

All sessions are confidential unless there is clear evidence that someone is at risk of severe harm.

For Adults or Young People seeking individual or family therapy regarding adoption, fostering or unresolved trauma arising from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), please read Adoption Counselling and Attachment Focussed Family Therapy including Adoption and Fostering.